ESP32 TFT Touch Screen Display Camera-Based Projects

This project will use the ESP32 and a 3.5′′ TFT Touch Screen Display Camera to create a few fun projects. The customized board is produced by y Makerfabs and includes an ESP32-WROVER chip, 3.5′′ TFT Display, 2 MP OV2640 Camera, and SD Card port. There are many ESP32-based projects you may create with this customized board.

However, using the product, we will develop 3 different types of projects in this post. This board will first serve as a touch-screen camera. The touchscreen camera will have the ability to take a picture and save it to an SD card so that you may view it later. We’ll use this product as a touch-based sketch drawing for our second project. Simply using your fingertips or a stylus, you can draw pictures. This product will be used as an image slide show viewer in the third project. You can store numerous copies of various photographs on an SD card and then see them all as a slide show.

But before you start doing these projects, you can read the previous article, i.e ESP32 Video Game. The ESP32 Video game is built using the same ESP32 TFT Touch Screen Display Camera.

ESP32 3.5″ TFT Touch(Capacitive) with Camera

This stunning 3.5″ touchscreen panel uses the ESP32-WROVER chip and has a 2M pixel OV2640 camera built-in. A great platform for ESP32 Applications like video games is created by the combination of all these elements.

ESP32 3.5" TFT Touch with Camera

The TFT LCD driver, which measures 3.5″ and has a 320×480 screen resolution, is essentially ILI9488. SPI is the method of communication between the ESP32 chip and the ILI9488 LCD. The display will be smooth enough for videos thanks to the SPI main clock, which has a range of 60–80 MHz. An OV2640 Camera with a 2MP resolution serves as the camera module on this board.

You can use this camera to create projects for security systems, facial recognition, and remote photography. You may utilize all of these pins with the breakout connections without the camera running. The ESP32 display can then be used with sensors or modules for any Internet of Things application. Programming in Arduino or MicroPython is supported by the ESP32 chip.

For adding an external SD-Card, the board has a micro SD-Card slot. Images and files can be stored on the SD Card. For programming the ESP32, there is a type C USB port, which is essentially a USB to UART converter. You can directly upload the code to the board by connecting a Type-C data connection to it.

ESP32 TFT Touch Screen Camera


  • 3.5-inch display, 320×480
  • Capacitive/Resistive Touch
  • ESP32-WROVER Controller
  • WIFI/ BLE Connection.
  • Onboard USB2UART convertor for ESP32 programming
  • 2M pixel OV2640 Camera
  • OV2640 supports output images up to 2 million pixels
  • LCD 3.5-inch Amorphous-TFT-LCD for mobile-phone or handy electrical equipment
  • LCD Driver: ILI9488
  • LCD Resolution: 320*480
  • Micro SD card slot on the board
  • NS2009: A 4-wire resistive touch screen control circuit
  • FT6236: single-chip capacitive touch panel controller Integrated Circuit
  • Power supply: 5V, Type-C USB

ESP32 Board Manager & Library Installation

1.ESP32 Board Package Installation

You need to add the ESP32 Board Package to the Arduino IDE. To do that Select “File>Preferences>settings>Additional Boards Manager URLs” to fill the link: After that download the ESP32 Package from Board Manager.

2. LovyanGFX Library Installation

For ESP32 and SAMD51, the LovyanGFX Library is a touch-enabled LCD graphics driver library. ILI9163, ILI9342, ILI9341, ILI9486, ILI9488, ST7735, ST7789, ST7796, and SSD1351 are just a few examples of TFT Touch Screen Displays that are supported. Get this library and add it to the Arduino IDE.

LovyanGFX Library

Now let us see some of the ESP32 TFT Display Projects.

Project 1: ESP32 Touch Screen Camera

The ILI9488 TFT Touch Display, which has capacitive or resistive screens, is used in the ESP32 Touch Camera. It has an SD card slot and an OV2640 camera. It can be used as a digital camera, a webcam, or an electronic photo album.

For this project, we will use the product as a touch screen camera. You can take images with an OV2640 camera and immediately view them on a TFT display. Following that, you can store BMP-formatted photos on the SD card. The TFT screen enables viewing of the recorded photos at a later time.

  • Download the ESP32 Touch Screen Camera Code/Program from the link below.
  • Download: Source Code
  • Open the camera.ino file after unzipping the code folder. The Arduino IDE will launch with a plethora of tabs. You must make a few minor adjustments in the code section depending on the type of touch screen. Changes should be made to the code below to choose between resistive or capacitive touchscreens.
/#define NS2009_TOUCH //Resistive screen driver
#define FT6236_TOUCH //Capacitive screen driver

From the Tools Part select the ESP32 Wrover Module. Also, select the partition Scheme as “Huge App 3MB (No OTA)“.

The code can now be uploaded to the ESP32 Module. Additionally, you can begin taking pictures and watching them on Display after submitting the code.

ESP32 Touch Screen Based Camera

Project 2: ESP32 Touch Screen Drawing

ESP32 Touch Screen Drawing

You can use the embedded board for painting and drawing applications because it features a 3.5′′ Capacitive/Resistive TFT Touch Screen LCD Based on ILI9488. To draw on the screen, use your hand or a stylus (resistance screen).

  • Download the ESP32 Touch Screen Drawing Code/Program from the link below.
  • Download: Source Code
  • The touch draws v2.ino file can then be accessed by unzipping the code folder. The Arduino IDE will launch with a plethora of tabs. The code for the capacitive or resistive type touch screen display lets you select, comment, or uncomment it. The code can then be uploaded to the ESP32 Dev Board.

The TFT Display will start showing the Dashboard with a color selection on the side as soon as you upload the code. You can start drawing anything you want using any color.

Project 3: ESP32 Slide Show Viewer

This ESP32 Touchscreen Display can be used as a Slide Show Viewer in addition to taking images and drawing. For this, pick a few images with a 480×320 resolution and give them new numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4,…, n. The image must be in the.bmp format. JPEG and PNG file types cannot be used.

  • Download the ESP32 Slide Show Viewer Code/Program from the link below.
  • Download: Source Code
  • Open the SD2TFT.ino file after unzipping the code folder. The Arduino IDE will launch with a plethora of tabs. The code can now be compiled and uploaded to the ESP32 Dev Board. Such interesting projects for the ESP32 TFT touchscreen.
  • The slide show starts after the code has been uploaded.


I hope all of you understand how to design an ESP32 TFT Touch Screen Display Camera-Based Project. We MATHA ELECTRONICS will be back soon with more informative blogs.

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