How to Create App & Transfer Data between PC & Phone using BleuIO

This project will show how to quickly and easily construct a mobile app that connects to the BleuIO dongle and shares data.

We’ll start by connecting the BleuIO dongle to our computer.

For this project, we’ve previously designed a simple mobile app. All you have to do now is clone this code and install the app on your phone. If necessary, you can make modifications.

Hardware Requirements

To create Mobile App & Transfer Data between PC & Mobile Phone using BleuIO, here are the requirements for this project.

  • BleuIO is connected to a pc with an ionic framework installed.
  • Ionic framework
  • Mobile phone
  • Android studio

Create App & Transfer Data between PC & Phone using BleuIO

We will set the BleuIO dongle as peripheral, and our mobile app will connect to this dongle. Then we can start sending data back and forth.

  • Connect your BleuIO dongle to the computer.
  • Connect to dongle using comport and start advertising by AT+ADVSTART.
  • Clone this git repo.
1git clone
  • Go inside the folder and run npm install.
  • If you run ionic serve, you will be able to see the layout on the browser. But for this app, we need a mobile phone native feature. Therefore connect your android phone to your computer and run ionic cap run android.
  • If you get an error regarding Gradle, Type ionic capacitor update and run ionic cap run android again.
  • Your app will install and open up on your mobile phone.
  • Make sure the dongle is on peripheral mode and advertising.
  • Click scan for BleuIO devices on your mobile app.
  • On the scan result, select one of your dongles to connect. After a successful connection, you can send data back and forth, and you will be able to see your messages on both the mobile app and the terminal.


I hope all of you understand how to Create App & Transfer Data between PC & Phone using BleuIO. We MATHA ELECTRONICS will be back soon with more informative blogs.

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