Healthcare Monitoring System for Elderly or Disabled Persons using IoT

IoT or the internet of things is characterized as a forthcoming innovation that empowers us to create worldwide networked machines and also the devices that can be helped for exchanging of communication. As we all know that the real-time application has been increasing day by day, the smart connection also had increased. Rapid population growth, led to the increase in global life expectancy and the advance of technology, paving the pathway for the creation of age-friendly environments. This had led to the necessity in designing new products for elderly people’s healthcare. It is quite important to monitor various health parameters of patients.

Here we propose a real-time health monitoring system for older adults living in geriatric residences. This system was developed to help caregivers to have better control in monitoring the health of their patients and have closer communication with their patients’ family members. To validate the feasibility and effectiveness of this proposal, a prototype was built, using a biometric bracelet connected to a mobile application, which allows real-time visualization of all the information generated by the sensors (heart rate, body temperature, and blood oxygenation) in the bracelet. Using these data, caregivers can make decisions about the health status of their patients. By utilizing the IoT, the patient’s parameter can be monitored over the local and remote areas and the data can be saved for doctors reference also.


The health monitoring system emerges as an upcoming technology to change the traditional management of patients. Moreover, this solution reduces the cost of healthcare and helps the hospital to improve the treatment process, and provides a remote health monitoring system. This system comprises a wearable wireless device like a bracelet with sensors that are paired with an application for a doctor to access medical information. 

This IoT-powered health monitoring system allows the patients to take charge of their own health actively. The system will enable users to monitor their body vitals and send the data to qualified doctors and healthcare professionals. 


Here are the major benefits of a health monitoring system and the great reasons to develop it for your hospital to transform it into a Smart Hospital.

  • Real-time health monitoring systems using IoT can help doctors prioritize patients, and provide urgent care to those who are in the most danger thereby saving lives. 
  • More competent patient management can help utilize the resources of the hospital more wisely and save money.
  • It is easy to use the system for patients and medical professionals.
  • The remote health monitoring system is especially useful to monitor patients with chronic diseases. Most chronic diseases are incurable, so it is necessary to monitor the state of the patient while at home, and quickly respond if health indicators worsen.
  • The HMS is convenient and portable so it is very convenient for doctors to manage patients from one app, and it is also very easy for patients to monitor their own health by wearing a lightweight device like a bracelet.


This is one of the interesting IoT project ideas to create. This real-time health monitoring system is a highly efficient and cost-effective method used for the complete care of elderly people as well as patients. The doctors can then provide patients with immediate solutions and guidance based on their health conditions. The sensors in the application can monitor patient vitals like blood pressure, sugar level, and heartbeat. If the vital stats are higher/lower than usual, the system will immediately alert the doctor.

The idea behind creating this system is to allow patients and doctors to connect remotely for the exchange of medical data and expert supervision. You can use this application from any location in the world. It is an Arduino-based project – the communication occurs between the Arduino platform and an Android app via Bluetooth

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