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3. 5X / 12X Helping Hand Magnifier with Soldering Stand & LED Light

600.00 inc. GST
  • Material of lens: Glass
  • Lens Diameter: 2.56 inch/65mm
  • Color: Black + Silver
  • Useful Aid for soldering work or model makers. Ideal when a third hand is needed
  • Adjustable crocodile holding clamps
  • With two LED lighting, this model can work very well in the dark environment
  • The bottom battery compartment is furnished with a steel plate which can enhance stability
  • With three pcs of AAA batteries (not included), large capacity, this model can continuously discharge more than 10 hours, expediently be used
  • Can also be used when model making, jewelry making, watch repairs and craft work
  • Weld holder size: 1.18 x 3.54inch
  • Base size: 3.93 x 2.56 x 0.79inch
  • Weight: 6g

MAX 8550 SMD Rework Station , Micro Soldering Station , Hot Air Soldering & Desoldering Station

7,000.00 inc. GST
MAX 8550 SMD Rework Station is cost-effective, easy to operate, and manufactured using the best of raw materials. The MAX 8550 SMD Rework Station is made using high precision techniques which ensure optimum efficiency.

Soldering Iron Stand

  • Universal holder
  • Superior sponge Soldering Stand
  • Nickel-plated wide spring holder
  • Robust and powerful base to uphold the weight of soldering irons varying from 30w, 35w, 40w, 50w, 60w and 75w
  • The wide spring holder provides plentiful room for holding the soldering iron support.
  • Hollow base - Only sides are in contact with the work surface
  • Spring Holder Length: 100mm
  • Centre Hole Dia. : 23mm
  • Inner Cup Size: 32mm
  • Size : 10 x 6.7 x 1.8 cm
  • Weight: 106 gm.