IoT Based Smart Garage System

Most of the Modern Houses are comprised of Garages used to store their belongings or to park the car. Sometimes when we are in a rush, we usually forget to close the door. This causes danger to the house owners in today’s world such as theft and vandalism for their belongings. An open Garage is always an easy way for Home Burglars to enter the home. Our proposed system is a simple concept to keep the garage door always closed, thereby ensuring security to the house and belongings.

We are living in a technology-based society where we have lots of innovative ideas day by day. These new innovations in IoT communications-based projects, comes as an ever-growing network that strive constantly to share and gather insight on the latest trends in the industrial IoT Platform. This IoT-based Smart Garage system helps you to Open and Close the door of your garage using Google Assistant. This system also ensures smart lighting and a parking assistant that makes the life of the user easy. It will also ensure the safety of the garage by sending SMS alerts. 

This Smart Garage System ensures a high role in the home automation system for ensuring home security by integrating smartphones and IoT. IoT is used remotely to monitor the activity and get a notification when there is a presence of a nearby object and someone tries to access the garage door. 


  • Allows you to open the garage door from anywhere. 
  • For online shoppers, having a smart garage door opener can allow mailman to drop your large package directly to your garage.
  • Allows home automation to be triggered


The smart garage door opener is designed as a Wi-Fi-controlled device that allows users to receive alerts, to control the garage door, and sync with other wireless devices. With the concept of smart home and home automation, a smart garage door opener can be a device for triggering multiple smart home activities. In this proposed system we use Raspberry Pi, ultrasonic sensor, etc. are used to provide an alarming system that has the ability to notify the owner and allow the owner to access to unlock and lock door through mobile app and stores the time and duration of each activity to the database so that the owner can track usability of vehicles and things by the family members and usability of the garage. It also helps the owner to protect the garage from intruder. Smart Garage Door lock also allows to reduce the fuel consumption by vehicle and reduce time wastage by providing easy access to unlock door.

In this proposed IoT system, we can Open and close the garage using your google assistant and get an SMS alert message every time. Also smart lighting system remains ON till the garage door is open. The parking assistant lets the user park their vehicle without any difficulty.

Features of smart garage opener:

  • Mobile app-controlled
  • Able to join your Wi-Fi networks
  • Remote and voice-controlled (Alexa or Google Home)
  • Can send a text message or provides video streaming
  • Customizable, supports IFTTT, co-up with other Wi-Fi home devices
  • Secure and won’t be hacked easily
  • Compatible to your current garage door motor

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