IoT Based Smart Traffic Management System

We are living in a technology-based society where we have lots of innovative ideas day by day. These new innovations in IoT communications-based projects come as an ever-growing network that strives constantly to share and gather insight on the latest trends in the industrial IoT Platform. This IoT-based Smart Transportation is designed explicitly to provide real-time traffic updates on traffic congestion and unusual traffic incidents through roadside message units and thereby improve mobility. 

Nowadays, much researches have been carried out on traffic management systems, but intelligent traffic monitoring is still an active research topic due to emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  However, the existing research studies always focus on the highway and urban traffic management, and limited studies focused on collector roads and closed campuses.

This system proposes an IoT-based system model to collect, process, and store real-time traffic data monitoring. These early notifications regarding traffic will help citizens to save time, especially during peak hours. Also, the system broadcasts traffic updates from the administrative authorities. In this system, the prototype has been implemented to evaluate the feasibility of the model and thereby ensures good accuracy in vehicle detection and a low relative error in road occupancy estimation. 


  • IOT based Traffic Management to collect, process and store Real time traffic data
  • Easy penalize traffic violators 
  • Helps officials to  identify unauthorized drivers.
  • Reroute the ambulance to the low congestion roads 
  • Early warnings helps citizen to save their time, especially during peak hours.
  • Get medical care at the earliest in the Ambulance cases


In this present era, the concept of a smart city depends on the technologies adopted to improve people‚Äôs quality of life. The Smart Traffic Management system is one of the most inevitable factors in the development of a country. In today’s world Internet of Things plays an important role in many applications such as smart home, smart transportation systems, etc. This proposed system based on  IoT utilizes the traffic signal monitoring systems and operates to control it in an advanced controlling system. This system was designed explicitly to act smartly with higher control features for all four side-way traffic systems.  Every road towards heavy traffics of vehicles in higher counts is monitored continuously. And we have to define the priority level of traffic in our system on the basis of which way has the least traffic or highest priority. 

This Traffic management system-TMS operates to control traffic as per the population of vehicles ID of that particular area.  In order to perform this function, we need an IR sensor to monitor and capture data of vehicle count in that lane.   In this proposed system operates on the count of vehicles from the road lane, IR data will be allocating a higher time rate for that signal. This system comprises a number of  IR  sensors, for automation control we use a microcontroller, with Bluetooth controller, as well as Android mobile device and finally PC-server. Any of these sensors surround by an IR transmitter & receiver for placing in both directions of the road lane.



  • In the future, the model ambulance can be able to communicate with all base station to get an easy free lane, to rush up reaching the hospital on time for needy people.
  • An IOT based real-time traffic monitoring system is proposed for dynamic handling of traffic signals based on traffic density.
  •  Provides a real-time dashboard to monitor the traffic updates.
  • This can save their time expansion for reaching the proposed destination and can prevent the loss of human life up to great extent


This proposed system is based on an IoT model used to collect, process, and store real-time traffic data. This real-time traffic monitoring provides people with traffic updates through roadside message units. The traffic authorities can also broadcast messages on VIP visits, medical emergencies, accidents, etc. to corresponding message units. Thereby helping to assist the public in decision making and saving their time on roads. As a prototype was implemented to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed model, the results of the prototype demonstration showed good accuracy in vehicle detection and a low relative error in road occupancy estimation. Thus, the proposed model can help citizens to save their time based on the early-warning messages displayed in the message unit, especially during peak hours. The traffic administration can send priority messages to the citizens; hence, the traffic congestion due to accidents or any such unusual incidents can be avoided.

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