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1200w DC DC Boost Step Up Converter 8-60V to 12-83V 20A For Car Laptop Solar Battery

1,600.00 inc. GST
  • Input voltage :10-60V
  • Output voltage: 12-83V (adjustable)
  • Output Current: 12A
  • Input Current: 20A
  • Constant current range: 0.3 - 20A
  • Output power: = input voltage x 10A
  • Working temperature: -40~+85 degrees
  • Working frequency: 150KHz
  • Conversion efficiency: ≤95%
  • Connection mode: welding output (please use big current and pure copper wire)
  • The non-isolated step-up power conversion module
  • Onboard LED illuminates when the voltage is applied to the module
  • Equips Multi-turn Potentiometer.
  • Overcurrent protection: there is a certain range of error in the input over 30A, automatically reducing the output voltage.
  • Short circuit protection: there is (input 40A fuse) double short circuit protection, use more secure.
  • Has big heat sink to dissipate heat properly but can add an external fan to the module.
  • Dimension (mm): 130 x 52 x 46