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3BR1765JZ Offline SMPS Current Mode Controller IC

  • Offline SMPS Current Mode Controller
  • Drain Voltage: 650V
  • Supply Voltage: 25V
  • Supply Current: 5mA
  • 650V avalanche rugged CoolMOS® with built-in Startup Cell
  • Active Burst Mode for lowest Standby Power
  •  Fast load jump response in Active Burst Mode
  • 65kHz internally fixed switching frequency
  • Auto Restart Protection Mode for Overload, OpenLoop, VCC Undervoltage, Overtemperature & Overvoltage
  •  Built-in Soft Start
  •  Built-in blanking window with extendable blanking time for short duration high current
  •  External auto-restart enable pin
  • Max Duty Cycle 75%
  • Overall tolerance of Current Limiting < ±5%
  •  Internal PWM Leading Edge Blanking
  • BiCMOS technology provide wide VCC range
  • Built-in Frequency jitter and soft driving for low EMI