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6-30V 1-Channel Power Relay Module with Adjustable Timing Cycle

550.00 inc. GST
  • Operating voltage: 6 - 30V DC
  • 1 Channel delay trigerred relay module
  • Delay time: 0.1 second ~ 999 minutes
  • Seven Segment Display
  • Operating voltage: DC 6V-30V (supports micro USB 5V power supply)
  • Trigger signal source: high-level trigger (3V-24V) signal ground and system to improve the system's anti-jamming capability (also short-circuit altogether)
  • Output capability: it can control the device within DC 30V 5A or within AC 220V 5A
  • Quiescent current: 20mA
  • Operating current: 50mA
  • Service life: more than 100,000 times
  • Working temperature: -40°C-85°C
  • With optocoupler isolation, enhanced anti-jamming capability, industrial grade circuit board, set parameters for memory after power failure.
  • Dimension: 6.2 * 3.8 * 1.7cm