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ESP8266 Serial WIFI Witty Cloud Development Board ESP-12F Module MINI Nodemcu

900.00 inc. GST
  • LDR Light Sensor on board
  • WS2812 Led on board
  • 3x tactile buttons (1x in the Witty board and 2x in theCH340 board)
  • Micro USB connection for power and/or programming
  • Uses latest ESP-12F module with 4M flash and integrated antenna
  • Includes CH340G USB-to-UART programmer
  • Includes LDR (light dependent resistor a.k.a photoresistor) connected to ESP’s ADC pin
  • RGB LED connected to GPIO 12,13 and 15
  • It supports 3 modes AP, STA, AP+STA

ESP8266 WIFI Industrial stable version A full test board cloud function test Black board T5

1,900.00 inc. GST
  • Support 802.11b / n / g wireless standard
  • Independent development MCU platform
  • High cost performance
  • Support UART / GPIO data communication interface
  • Support STA / AP / STA + AP coexistence mode of operation
  • Support SmartLink intelligent networking (APP)
  • Support wireless upgrade firmware
  • Support WPS network configuration
  • Built-in onboard antenna &Temperature and humidity sensor
  • RGB three-color light adjustable
  • Provide rich AT command set configuration
  • Free AiCloud cloud service for debugging
  • 3 AA batteries / 5V adapter power supply
  • Size: 61.6mm x 56.2mm;