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₹1,999.00 inc. GST
  • Model: F550
  • Material: Glass Fiber + Polyamide-Nylon
  • Wheelbase: 550mm
  • Arm Size : 220 x 40mm
  • Motor Mounting Hole Diameter: 3mm
  • Landing Gear Material: ABS Plastic
  • Landing Gear Height (mm): 200
  • Landing Gear Color: Black
  • Landing Gear Weight: 75gm
  • Comes with Black, Red, and White arms for easy orientation during flying
  • Plastic injection molding ensures hardness and lighter weight
  • Built from high-quality glass fiber and nylon
  • Easy to build and assemble
  • Made by advanced engineering material, super strong & smooth
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • The frame is tough and durable.
  • The arm equips support ridges for better and faster forward flight.
  • In-built power distribution board.
  • Large Center plate allows mounting of gimbals and camera for FPV and aerial photography
  • Weight:624gm