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GSM Modem SIM 300

  • Uses SIM300 GSM module transmission.
  • Operating Voltage: 7 – 15V AC or DC (board has onboard rectifier).
  • Comes with an onboard wire antenna for better reception.
  • Can be used for Data/Fax, GSM based Voice communications, TCP/IP stack, GPRS and SMS
  • SIM300 allows an adjustable serial baud rate from 1200 to 115200 bps (9600 default).
  • Provides RS232 interface for connection to computers and other devices.
  • Lithium Battery holder
  • Can add external antenna with SMA connectors.
  • Power, RING and Network LEDs for easy debugging.
  • Provides serial TTL interface for easy and direct interface to microcontrollers.
  • Can be controlled through standard AT commands.