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Text to Speech TTL Module (Serial to Speech)

1,800.00 inc. GST
  • Single row 0.1″ header for easy connection to a host system
  • Power requirements: +5 VDC
  • 30 mA idle
  • 46-220 mA active (depending on speech parameters and output load)
  • Communication: Asynchronous 9600 bps serial (8N1)
  • Dimensions: 1.25″x1.5″x0.37″
  • Text support rate is better
  • Interface operation is simpler
  • 5V single power supply.
  • Output directly connected to the speaker, can drive 4 ohms 3W / 8 ohm 2W speakers
  • Busy status output, can be connected to the microcontroller IO or indicator light, no need to be left floating.
  • Voice effect optimization
  • Module miniaturization and easy integration
  • Dimension: 33*27.5mm
  • With mounting holes