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2,100.00 inc. GST
  • Microcontroller ATMEGA328 P
  • Crystal for microcontroller: 16 MHZ
  • USB type B connector
  • On-Board Power LED Indicator
  • 5volt, 12 volt regulated circuit
  • Two separate regulated 5volt power supply
  • On Board On/Off switch
  • On Board DC jack for powering up using adaptors
  • On Board Reset Switch
  • On Board TX/RX indication LEDs
  • On board FTDI Driver for adruino
  • Berg headers for external interfacing
  • Supports I2C /GSM /GPS/RF/USART serial communication
  • Separate berg headers available for PIR, Servo motor, RTC/I2C, GPS_TTL, and USART-TTL
  • Four 3pin PBT Connectors
  • Four SPDT 12V Relays
  • Onboard DB9 connectors for GPS, GSM and USART communication
  • Berg slot for 16x4 LCD connections
  • Onboard TRIM-POT for LCD
  • Onboard RTC IC: IN1307 with crystal 32768 MHZ crystal and CR2302 battery

Zigbee CC2500 RS232

550.00 inc. GST
  • RS-232 direct interface
  • TTL support
  • RSSI value between two modules can be obtained
  • Separate LED for RX, TX, and power
  • 4-bit channel selection
  • Programmable output power
  • Automatic packet processing
  • 6 data pipes for 1:6 star networks
  • 4-pin SPI interface with maximum 8 MHz clock rate 7
  • 20-pin 4x4mm QFN package