7 Interesting Electronics Wearable Gadgets You Should Know About

IoT or the internet of things is characterized as a forthcoming innovation that empowers us to create worldwide networked machines and also the devices that can be helped for exchanging of communication. As we all know that the real-time application has been increasing day by day, and the smart connection also had increased.

Wearable technology continues to produce innovative products that promise to make your daily tasks easier. Smartwatches and fitness trackers that can measure your heart rate are no longer the only kind of wearable technology available. Wearable technology has advanced to the point that it can give users health advice, provide enhanced turn-by-turn directions, and monitor the intensity of ultraviolet rays while you’re sunbathing.

In this blog, we discuss the latest 7 electronics wearable technologies in 2022. Let’s get started

  1. Smart Glasses

Smart glasses have miniature computers built into them that process data and display the results in real-time. They do it in such a way that only you, the wearer, can see it. Most smart glasses connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth and display incoming calls, GPS navigation, and other features. Other glasses, on the other hand, can make a huge difference in your life thanks to their augmented reality or virtual reality features.

Ray-Ban Stories

Ray-Ban Stories is a Ray-Ban and Meta cooperation initiative (formerly known as Facebook). They’re smart glasses that let you photograph or videotape everything going on around you. 

Ray-Ban Stories don’t have virtual reality capabilities, but they do come with cameras, speakers, and a touchscreen. These glasses can be used to capture up to 30-second video clips, snap pictures, make phone calls, and even play music. All of this is done in the classic Ray-Ban manner.

2. Smart Clothing with Sensors

Smart garments are a recent addition to the intelligent wearables family. These garments are equipped with sensors that monitor a variety of body parameters and alert you if anything is wrong or out of the ordinary.

Levi’s Trucker Jacket by Google

It appears to be a typical Levi’s Trucker Jacket at first glance, but it’s actually a revolutionary wearable technology. You can use this jacket with your smartphone to control music, make phone calls, and even get directions while driving thanks to Google connectivity.

The jacket connects to your phone through Bluetooth and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This wearable is water-resistant, according to Levi’s. It also has a battery life of up to 14 days of continuous use.

Smart Swimwear’s linked swimwear is another wonderful example of smart apparel. They sell swimsuits, swim caps, and swim goggles with built-in swim trackers that can be used to replace your Fitbit and track your fitness in the water.

This smartwatch is water-resistant, requires no charging, and allows you to track your swimming activities fully hands-free. You don’t need to activate or start your swim tracker; it will do so once you begin swimming. Using connected swimwear will reduce drag forces and optimize the way water flows around your body because you won’t be wearing any extra bracelets.

3. Smart Earphones

Smart wearables aren’t all activity trackers.  Some of them are designed to help you sleep better and lessen your daily stress levels. If you’re having difficulties sleeping, consider investing in a headset that serves as both earbuds and earphones at the same time.

Bose Sleepbuds II

The Bose Sleepbuds II aren’t headphones because they won’t play your favorite Spotify music. Instead, they play soothing noises and instrumental music to help you go asleep sooner and stay asleep longer. You can either use the sounds included by default or download more from the Bose Sleep sound collection.

According to Bose, its sleep technology has been clinically shown to improve sleep patterns. To see if this is true, use a fitness tracker or a wristwatch with sleep tracking capabilities.

4. Smart Rings

A smart ring is one of the most basic yet helpful smart wearable devices you can acquire this year. This is the perfect tiny device for you if you spend a lot of time in meetings or in class and don’t want to peek at your phone’s screen every time you get a notification.

You can get alerts without calling attention to yourself by wearing a smart ring. A smart ring may also be used to make contactless payments and to open or lock your front door or car. Plus, because these devices have a long battery life, you won’t have to worry about continually charging your smart ring.

On the market, there are a variety of smart rings to choose from. The smart rings that we found particularly impressive are listed below.

NFC OPN Smart Ring

The waterproof NFC OPN ring can operate your smartphone apps (compatible with iOS and Android), lock and open doors, transfer data, and even handle contactless payments. It’s not quite as clever as the Apple Watch, but it’s far less expensive and requires no charge.

Oura Smart Ring

Look at the Oura ring if you want a sophisticated ring with a fancy design. It has temperature sensors, sleep detection, activity analysis, as well as real-time heart rate monitoring. Our smart ring is Apple Health and Google Fit compatible, so if you’ve been waiting to replace your smartwatch with something more lightweight and elegant, now is the moment. Oura is more expensive than the others because it is a premium smart ring.

5. Medical Wearables

In today’s world, smart medical wearables are a common sort of wearable electronics. While Fitbit may be sufficient for some people to achieve their fitness or lifestyle goals, even the best smartwatch cannot monitor your blood oxygen, blood pressure, or hydration levels. Medical wearables are still in the early phases of development, but it’s clear that they may make many people’s lives easier and have numerous uses in the healthcare field.

IQbuds Max by Nuheara

A hearing-impaired techie in your life will appreciate an ear-worn device that can improve their hearing. Nuheara’s IQbuds are one of the most popular hearing aids on the market, combining hearing aids with entertainment functions.

Thanks to active noise reduction and high-fidelity sound, IQbuds allow you to adjust how you hear the world around you. The Nuheara IQbuds software, which is available for both iPhones and Android smartphones, allows you to optimize your earphones and establish your personal hearing profile.

6. Smart Helmets

Wearing a top-quality helmet can provide you a certain amount of safety, whether you’re a professional athlete or a bike (or skiing) enthusiast (you can never be absolutely safe when doing extreme sports of course). A smart helmet can improve your riding experience by making it safer as well as more pleasant.

Faro Smart Helmet by UNIT 1 

Faro is a smart helmet that keeps you visible while driving. This helmet boasts powerful front and rear lights that you can customize and add motion to increase your visibility while riding. The Faro helmet can also react to ambient light, recognize different weather conditions, and adjust the lights automatically for the greatest visibility.

This wearable can also track your rides and automatically turn on and off turn signals and brake lights. Faro is a smart helmet that is completely waterproof and features a useful fall detection feature. If the helmet’s sensors detect a fall, it sends a notification to your smartphone through Bluetooth. If you don’t react within a specific amount of time, it sends an alert to your emergency contacts with a link to your location. Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4, and later wearable devices have the same feature.

7. Biosensors 

Biosensors are the most ground-breaking technology in the world of wearable electronics. They have an infinite variety of applications, but they’re most commonly used now for individualized health monitoring. Biosensors are small electronic devices that embed sensors into your body, allowing you to use mobile and portable devices to record, gather, and calculate data.

When it comes to patient monitoring (or self-monitoring), biosensors can be quite useful because they can automatically and continuously measure the patient’s vital signs, body posture, step count, fall detection, and more.

QuardioCore Wearable ECG EKG Monitor

QuardioCore is a wearable electrocardiogram that may be used to check the health of your heart. This ECG captures your heartbeat and sends it to your cardiologist for analysis. This ECG can be used to increase your cardio workout in addition to helping you manage your heart condition.


Hope this blog helps you to understand the 7 latest wearable technology in 2022. We, MATHA ELECTRONICS  will be back with more informative blogs.

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