Arduino SIM for Arduino IoT Cloud

Arduino unveiled Arduino SIM, a service exclusively for Internet of Things (IoT) devices based on the Arduino platform, giving developers and manufacturers a single data plan and a low price for cellular access to an IoT Cloud platform.

Arduino SIM aims to provide a familiar environment for cellular IoT device development inside the broad Arduino development community. The cellular service supplied by Arm Pelion Connectivity Management enables the use of a single physical Arduino SIM in over 100 countries globally. The Arduino SIM data plan will be available in Europe and Asia in the summer of 2019, beginning in the United States.

The new cellular connectivity service for the Arduino IoT Cloud

Fully integrated with the Arduino IoT Cloud, Arduino SIM continues Arduino’s mission to make IoT technology accessible to a broad community by providing free cellular IoT service to creators and professionals across domains already using the Arduino platform, such as education, agriculture, industry, retail, and others. Utilizing Webhooks, users can communicate sensor data to databases, spreadsheets, or alarms without any coding, or they can create specific IoT apps using the API.

Arduino SIM IoT Cloud

The Arduino SIM service commences with support for the Arduino MKR GSM 1400 (3G with 2G fallback), a 32-bit Arduino board that supports TLS and X.509 certificate-based authentication. Arduino IoT Cloud enables anybody to securely connect to these boards without the need for coding, yet they are still programmable using open-source libraries and the popular Arduino IDE.

Arduino SIM enables cellular IoT development with 10 MB of free data for up to 90 days and the option of a 5 MB single subscription.

The Arduino SIM Plan

  1. Arduino SIM includes 10 MB of free data for the first 90 days.

One easy subscription for 5 MB @ $1.50 per month*.

3. Global roaming profile – enjoy the same amount of data traffic at the same price no matter where in the globe you are using your device.

4. Cellular access to the Arduino IoT Cloud enables you to monitor and control your devices at any time and from any location.

5. Ideal for mobile devices or locations without dependable WiFi.


I hope all of you have understood the basics of Arduino SIM for Arduino IoT Cloud. We MATHA ELECTRONICS will be back soon with more informative blogs soon.

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