IOT Instant Contactless Covid Testing Booth Automation

IoT or the internet of things is characterized as a forthcoming innovation that empowers us to create worldwide networked machines and also the devices that can be helped for exchanging of communication. As we all know that the real-time application has been increasing day by day, the smart connection also had increased. Rapid population growth, led to the increase in global life expectancy and the advance of technology, paving the pathway for the creation of age-friendly environments. This had led to the necessity in designing new products for people’s healthcare.

The World Health Organization announced a public health emergency of Global Importance on January 30, 2020, with the emergency of CoronaVirus Disease 2019 (covid-19). Coronavirus is a new Covid SARS-COV-2 irresistible infection. The most normally utilized techniques for controlling the spread of this exceptionally irresistible infection are contact following and case confinement.

Taking into account of current pandemic condition, Coronavirus testing had become a key part of battling the pandemic. Here we design a completely Automated instant contactless Coronavirus testing Booth system in which personal details are monitored using RFID Technology. In this project, theTracking of contacts is performed, which involves identifying and informing people who are in contact with positive COVID-19 patients.

In this present pandemic situation, Manual contact tracing procedures are not sufficiently efficient. In such cases, Rapid patient Testing will not be applicable which is an essential part of the nation’s strategy to combat the COVID-19 crisis. By automating processes and generating reports more quickly, our client is able to deliver patient results fastly and help for complete tracking of patients. Thus the government gets the essential statistics it needs to develop impactful solutions to battle COVID-19.

This Heart of this proposed system is the Raspberry Pi microcontroller. The Onboard computer efficiently communicates with the output and input modules are used. When the microcontroller receives data from the RFID Reader, it will automatically tag the details related to the person along with sample collection details will be sent as SMS along with test results to the user mobile. The system proposed uses the idea of wireless network technology. Each patient is identified using an ID, which simplifies the identification of the patient’s current health condition for the doctor. The parameters monitored are processed and compared with each person’s individual threshold limits and are interconnected to the doctor’s room patient monitoring system.


In this current pandemic situation, the number of infected patients is increasing day by day globally, and there is a vast need to utilize the well adequate and organized facilities offered with the Internet of Things methodology. Moreover, IoT has already been integrated into certain fields in which the Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT) or Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) are associated with the present issues. By following up the guidelines and the facilities of IoHT/IoMT, the number of resolved cases can be enhanced and improved too. It also provides the government with correct statistics of covid patients which helps to improve the necessary prevention steps.


IoT is an innovative technology that ensures that all infected persons due to this virus are quarantined. During quarantine, it is quite necessary to have a proper monitoring system. Using the internet-based network, all high-risk patients can be tracked easily and can be continuously monitored. Thus this technology is used for the biometric measurements like blood pressure, heartbeat, and glucose level of the patients.

Covid testing is performed in covid testing booths that provide a safe covid testing environment. Now the testing process comprises of following procedures

  • Registering the person name, contact no address manually
  • Taking a swab sample of the person
  • Adding the swab sample number against the persons registered details
  • Sending the data along with the samples to the lab
  • Manually informing (calling/sms) the patient about the result

As the number of covid patients is increasing day by day, it will be quite difficult to perform these tasks manually, which can lead to errors.Our the proposed system is designed to automate about 70 % of the manual entry work and allow for a single point and fast covid testing system using IoT.


The proposed system operates with a fully automated testing cycle. When an individual comes for coronavirus testing and shows his or her Aadhar card immediately. Instead of manual entry for the camera, follow his or her testing room and enter his or her registration number on a given keyboard. Sensors will monitor individuals’ respiratory and temperatures. The system uses a speaker to inform the person when it finishes the test and then comes the next person. Data collected by time shall be automatically transferred to the laboratory using the IoT. Before the next person arrives In charge can view the number of samples tested in real-time, update results on the IoT server and immediately send an SMS to the individual by the system itself when the laboratory charge updates the test result of a sample. Thus, we are fully automating covid testing to help fight the pandemic faster, safer and more error-free

Our system consists of a camera and speaker combination powered by a raspberry pi based controller and operating circuitry. We hereby use a keypad and button interfaced with the controller for test person ease.

With the new system the testing process works as follows:

  • No need for separate registration, the system uses a camera for instant aadhar card scan registration.
  • The Test person enters the sample number of the person from inside the booth using the provided keypad.
  • The system uses the speaker to inform the patient that his test is done and the next person to come forward.
  • The data collected by the time is transferred over to the Lab using IOT automatically before the next person comes ahead.
  • The lab incharge can view the number of samples tested in real time and can update sample test results too on the IOT server.
  • When the lab incharge updates the test result of a sample, an sms is instantly sent to the respective person by the system itself.

Thus we fully automate the Covid booth testing process, making it faster, safer, and error-free to fight against the pandemic in a better manner.


In order to reduce the spread of the CoronaVirus, an Automatic Testing center needs to be developed. This Automation of the Contactless Test Centre reduces the spread of the virus as well as manpower. It reduces the time needed to wait for the results and manages errors. It is a fully automated system with a microcontroller interface to the button, sensors and IOT module. It makes results easier to handle. Some of the major fields in which our project finds its applications are

  • Interconnected Hospital:The implementation of IoT to support pandemic like COVID-19 needs a complete integrated network within hospital premises
  • Telehealth Consultation: Makes the treatment available for the needy one in remote locations via employing well connected Teleservices
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Entertainment Zones & Areas
  • Transport Locations
  • Religious Spots
  • Companies & Industries

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