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10000W Original Chips Thyristor Super Power Electronic Regulator can Change Light Speed and Temperature

₹1,600.00 inc. GST
  • Operating Voltage: AC 220 VDC
  • Maximum Power: 10000W
  • Voltage Range: AC 0-220V (adjust temperature or light)
  • Controller Size: 95.7*56.7*53.8mm
  • Panel Size: 74.6*59.8*2.3mm
  • Cable Length: 287mm
  • New two-way high-power SCR, max current up to 80A.
  • Voltage regulator with the peak voltage absorption circuit effectively protects the high-power SCR and has a longer service life.
  • Built-in heat sink, thickened to increase the heat sink, good heat dissipation, easy to install.
  • 57A high current terminal block, simple wiring, strong button adjustment stability.
  • Omron original tact switch, Fairchild original photoelectric coupler, all metal film resistors are stable and durable.
  • The value is automatically saved. After power-on, it will automatically start to the last adjusted value.
  • Weight: 200gm