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1,500.00 inc. GST
  • Microcontroller ATMEGA328 P.
  • Crystal for the microcontroller: 16 MHZ
  • USB type B connector
  • 5volt, 12 volts regulated circuit.
  • Two separate regulated 5volt power supplies.
  • On-Board On/Off switch.
  • OnBoard DC jack for powering up using adaptors.
  • On-Board Reset Switch.
  • Onboard L293D dual DC motor driver.
  • Onboard TSOP IR receiver.
  • On Board 3 user LEDs (with jumper selection), TX/RX indication LEDs.
  • On-board connectors for analogue interfacing.
  • On Board Buzzer Interface.
  • On-Board PWM Interfacing.
  • On board FTDI Driver for adruino.
  • Berg headers for external interfacing.
  • Supports I2C /3 WIRE /RF/USART serial communication standards.