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SIM800A Quadband GSM / GPRS Module convertible as Shield for Arduino

975.00 inc. GST
  • Quad-Band GSM/GPRS 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz.
  • GPRS class 2/10.
  • Input Voltage: 9V-12V DC.
  • Control via AT commands (3GPP TS 27.007, 27.005 and SIMCOM enhanced AT command set).
  • Configurable baud rate.
  • Built-in SIM Cardholder.
  • Built-in Network Status LED.
  • 5V interface for direct communication with MCU kit.
  • Inbuilt Powerful TCP/IP protocol stack for internet data transfer over GPRS.
  • Low power.
  • SMA connector with GSM L Type Antenna.
  • Headphone jack for audio out.
  • Li-Po battery 3.7-volt pins for supply.
  • Li-Po battery USB charger (3.7volts).
  • CP2102 port for communication with a laptop.