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2AO565 Offline SMPS Current Mode Controller IC

  • Offline SMPS Current mode Controller
  • Drain Voltage: 650V/800V
  • Drain Current: 2A
  • Supply Voltage: 21V
  • Supply Current: 5.3mA-6.7mA

3BR1765JZ Offline SMPS Current Mode Controller IC

  • Offline SMPS Current Mode Controller
  • Drain Voltage: 650V
  • Supply Voltage: 25V
  • Supply Current: 5mA
  • 650V avalanche rugged CoolMOS® with built-in Startup Cell
  • Active Burst Mode for lowest Standby Power
  •  Fast load jump response in Active Burst Mode
  • 65kHz internally fixed switching frequency
  • Auto Restart Protection Mode for Overload, OpenLoop, VCC Undervoltage, Overtemperature & Overvoltage
  •  Built-in Soft Start
  •  Built-in blanking window with extendable blanking time for short duration high current
  •  External auto-restart enable pin
  • Max Duty Cycle 75%
  • Overall tolerance of Current Limiting < ±5%
  •  Internal PWM Leading Edge Blanking
  • BiCMOS technology provide wide VCC range
  • Built-in Frequency jitter and soft driving for low EMI

Artis VIP1000 1000 Watt SMPS Power Supply Unit

  • Active PFC design with max 85% efficiency and 99% power factor
  • SMT (surface Mounted Technology) PSU with higher integration
  • ATX 12V V2.3 provides constant reliable power for INTEL & AMD chipsets
  • 14cm cooling fan with speed control enables ultra silent operation, PCI-E ready for compatibility with NVIDIA & ATI/AMD RAEDON, Longer DC cables Support PSU-BOTTOM-SET cabinets, Erp ready with less than one 1w power consumption, High reliability:MTBF>200,00 hours Built in industrial grade protections, over current, over voltage, under voltage, short circuit protection, Safety/EMI regulation: CE,FCC,CCC
  • I/O: 20+4 Pin x 1, SATA HDD x 8, EPS 12V(4+4 Pin) x 1, IDE x 4, PCI-E P8(6+2) x 8, Max Output: 1000W, AC Input:200-240V. Frequency: 50/60Hz. Max current: 10A. Power Cord: 1.5 Meters. Multiple protection Standards: OCP/OVP/OPP/SCP/OLP. Safety /EMI Regulations: CE, FCC, CB, CCC

Corsair AX1600i Digital Fully Modular 80+ Titanium ATX Power Supply Unit – Black

  • 1600w of ultimate power: Delivers 1600w of continuous, ultra-stable, 80 plus titanium efficiency power
  • Top tier components: 100 percent 105°c Japanese capacitors, top-specification internal components and digital design deliver over 94 percent efficiency
  • The only consumer psu with gallium nitride transistors: Totem-pole pfc gallium nitride (gan) transistors for superior efficiency in a smaller form-factor
  • World class electrical performance: Incredibly stable voltages and ultra-low ripple noise, ability to toggle single multiple 12v rails
  • Software monitoring: Corsair link software provides in-depth monitoring for psu temperature, fan speed, voltages, current, ac/dc wattage and efficiency
  • Country of Origin: China

Corsair CP-9020008-NA AX1200i Digital ATX 1200 Watt Power Supply Unit

  • Digital Signal Processor for delivering extremely clean, efficient power with real-time adjustments; Corsair Link Integration for monitoring and adjustment of performance, noise and OCP settings
  • Dedicated single plus 12V rail with user-configurable virtual "single rail" and "multi-rail" software modes; Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) with PF value of 0.99
  • An ultra-quiet, 140mm double ball-bearing fan delivers excellent airflow with exceptionally low noise levels by varying fan speed in response to temperature
  • 80 Plus Platinum certified, delivering up to 92% energy efficiency under real-world load conditions; Universal AC input from 90-264 V
  • Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection provide maximum safety for your critical system components
  • Engineered to meet maximum power output at a server-grade 50 degree C temperature rating; Self-test switch to determine PSU functionality even before installation
  • High-quality capacitors provide uncompromised performance and reliability; Safety Approvals: cTUVus, CE, CB, FCC Class B, TUV, CCC, C-tick

DMO465R Power Switch IC

  • Power Switch
  • Drain Source Breakdown Voltage: 650V
  • Drain Current: 2.2A
  • Supply Voltage: 20V
  • Total Power Dissipation: 45W
  • Static Drain Source ON Resistance: 2.20Ω
  • Switching Frequency: 66KHz
  • Package: TO-220F-6L

DMO565R Power Switch IC

  • Power Switch
  • Drain Source Breakdown Voltage: 650V
  • Drain Current: 2.8A
  • Supply Voltage: 20V
  • Total Power Dissipation: 45W
  • Static Drain Source ON Resistance: 2.20Ω
  • Switching Frequency: 66KHz
  • Package: TO-220F-6L

KA3525 SMPS Controller IC

  • SMPS Controller
  • Output Current: 500mA
  • Reference Output Current: 50mA
  • Oscillator Charging Current: 5mA
  • Power Dissipation: 1000mW
  • Reference Output Voltage: 501V
  • Line Regulation: 9mV
  • Load Regulation: 20mV
  • Maximum Oscillator Frequency: 430KHz
  • Package: DIP-16

L6565 Quasi-Resonant SMPS

  • Quasi-Resonant SMPS Controller
  • Turn-On Threshold Voltage Max: 14.5V
  • Turn-Off Threshold Voltage Max: 10.3V
  • Zener Voltage Max: 22V
  • Start-Up Current Max: 70µA
  • Quiescent Current Max: 3.5mA
  • Line Regulation Max: 5Mv
  • Voltage Gain: 80dB

VIPER22A Low Power Offline SMPS Primary Switcher IC

  • Drain Source voltage: 730V
  • Off State Drain Current: 0.1mA
  • Static drain-source ON state resistance: 15Ω
  • of Outputs: 1
  • Power dissipation: 12W
  • Package: DIP-8
  • Low power offline switched-mode power supply primary switcher
  • Fixed 60 kHz switching frequency
  • High voltage start-up current source
  • Over temperature, over current and over voltage protection with auto-restart


  • Drain Source voltage: 700V
  • Off State Drain Current: 1mA
  • Static drain-source ON state resistance: 4.6Ω
  • Power dissipation: 60W
  • Supply Voltage: 0 to 15V
  • Package: PENTAWATT HV
  • SMPS Primary I.C.
  • Adjustable Switching Frequency up to 200KHz
  • Integrated start-up supply
  • Over temperature protection