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ISD1760 MODULE (75 sec)

₹499.00 inc. GST
  • On-board ISD1760 chip
  • Operating voltage: 5v
  • 75 sec of audio playback
  • Onboard microphone for direct recording
  • Frequency: 6KHz or 8KHz
  • Recording time: 6K/75 sec, 8K/60 sec
  • Output all pin for chip control
  • Easy interface with microcontrollers using 2.54mm spaced male pin headers
  • High-quality natural voice reduction
  • LED status indication
  • Long recording time and multiple messages
  • Simple operation and better voice quality
  • Control not only by buttons but also by SPI from a microcontroller
  • Recording, erase, play, FT, fast forward, reset volume buttons
  • Dimension: 49*41.5mm
  • Weight: 22gm


₹350.00 inc. GST
  • Operating voltage: 2.6v to 5v
  • Record and playback up to 10 sec
  • Push-button and microcontroller controllable AGC circuit added tom increase audio playback volume
  • Recording time: 8- 20 sec
  • Built-in microphone
  • On-chip 8-ohm speaker driver
  • High quality, natural voice restored
  • Available single-chip control audio recording control mode: the key to control or microcontroller, IO has drawn the line of control
  • Can be used as propaganda module
  • Auto power down mode
  • Duration and sample rate can be extended to 20 sec by varying resistance
  • Dimension: 43*34*11mm

Voice Module Sound Module Audio Player WT588D

₹599.00 inc. GST
  • Input Supply voltage (V) :2.8 ~ 5.5
  • Current consumption (sleep mode: 10 µA
  • Sampling frequency (kHz): 6 ~
  • Built 13Bit/DA converter, and 12Bit/PWM output.
  • Support for loading WAV audio formats
  • Module package (with FLASH memory and peripheral circuits) have DIP16, DIP28, chip packaging has DIP18, SSOP20, and LQFP32 form
  • Built 13Bit/DA converter, and 12Bit/PWM output
  • PWM output can directly drive 0.5W/8Ω speakers, push-pull current abundant support DAC / PWM output of two ways;
  • Support for loading WAV audio formats;
  • USB download mode, support for online download / offline download; WT588D voice chip, even in the case of electricity, will also be able to download the data to the normal SPI-Flash;
  • Supports MP3 control mode, control mode button, 3 × 8 key combination control mode, parallel control mode, front-line serial control mode, three-wire serial control mode, and three-wire serial control I / O port expansion output mode;
  • Support load 6K ~ 22KHz audio sampling rate
  • Up to 500 segments can be loaded for editing audio